Today, former Republican New Mexico Guv Gary Johnson launched a "special advocacy committee" called the

. According to the inaugural post on the website's blog, the goal of the Initiative is "to broaden the parameters of the public policy debate of current topics in the national arena." That's politico-speak if I've ever heard it.

Here's Johnson, in a statement on


"Current concerns with the economy, deficit spending and the loss of jobs and homes across the country are important issues that need to be addressed," Johnson stated. "I believe the nation is looking for a rational voice to lead this discussion. Through the launch of OUR America, we intend to bring this voice to the people. It is our objective to capitalize on the undercurrent of support across the nation for these issues, and to engage the public in meaningful, open, and productive dialogue."

So the point is...talking? Or is this a precursor to something approximating another shot at political office, as

? Here's a pointed clue, also from the Initiative blog:

As Governor of New Mexico, Johnson was known for his common-sense business approach to governing. He eliminated New Mexico's budget deficit and cut the rate of growth in state government by 50%. While in office, Governor Johnson vetoed 750 bills in his promise to not increase taxes and cut the cost of government (which was more than all the vetoes of the other 49 Governors combined).

That makes him look

really good

compared with the current arbiters of the state's

. Hell, this budget situation makes even the

seem attractive.