City says booting cars makes drivers pay off their parking tickets faster.
So when actions have consequences, people tend to react? Who knew…


DNA testing halted at the state police crime lab.
So don't ask anyone there "who's your daddy?"


Santa Fe Community College postpones bond election until summer..
Because voters won't remember there's a recession by then.


Public Service Company of New Mexico blames equipment for last week's power outages.
It wanted to blame the customers, but couldn't figure out how.

Gov. Bill Richardson encourages residents to shop locally.
Are we supposed to do that before or after the social services cuts, tax increases and furloughs?

Leaking roof at Genoveva Chavez Community Center closes basketball gym.
But sparks motivation for a new Santa Fe crew team!

Eleven Santa Fe liquor stores sell booze to actors pretending to be drunk.
Which means either the clerks broke the law or the actors weren’t very convincing.