Sarah Singleton, who will replace First Judicial District Judge James Hall after his retirement at the end of this month, tells SFR she's been "

inundated with calls

" since news of her appointment broke today.

"I want to thank the Governor for selecting me," Singleton says. "

I will say to the community that I will be fair, hardworking and do the best job that I can


Recently SFR

of the judicial candidates. Right-click the "PDF" link below to download Singleton's full application.

Singleton isn't sure when she starts, but will be meeting with Chief Judge Stephen Pfeffer tomorrow to sort out such details.

Sarah M Singleton




: 60


: Ann Arbor, Mich.


: Montgomery & Andrews PA in Santa Fe


: “I am one of the hardest workers at my firm”


: Current board member of the

, which funds legal aid programs throughout the US; former state bar president


: Lawyer Maureen Sanders, who writes that “Sarah is one of the smartest lawyers I know”