The Santa Fe New Mexican's Tom Sharpe

this morning that the New Mexico Free Press is ceasing publication for unexplained reasons. Whether it was lambasting Barack Obama's fascist-socialist takeover in lunatic columns "

," re-running Andy Rooney and Dave Barry's most stale material or deliberately putting a far-right spin on the most innocuous community news stories, the Free Press was truly a unique addition to Santa Fe's media landscape.

It will be missed. By someone. The editor's mother, maybe?

Lately the Free Press had taken to a subject near to this reporter's heart: the local economy. True, when it came to the financial issues facing most Santa Feans, the Free Press showed all the news judgment of a charter member in Joe the Plumber's Official Fan Club. But the paper from time to time showed some accidental insight, as it did with these encouraging words by reporter and columnist Brad Buck:

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This was from the Nov. 4 issue. Buck writes:

Now, I can sympathize with those who are actively seeking work. They might apply for one to five jobs a day. That reflects what I did a couple of times in my life, and it's no fun. You're qualified to do many jobs, but not one will even give you an interview.

Then, there are those who would rather sit home, be lazy and collect unemployment. That's money coming out of our pockets, of course. I feel no sympathy for these folks. In fact, their approach vexes me.

If everyone would just stop being so lazy, this recession could be over tomorrow!

I know some people who have practically given up on finding a job. Some of them are people whom I used to respect. I say, if you can find work, you ought to do it. No type of work is beneath anyone. That's a bitter pill for some people with college degrees. But if you're out of work, it's time to swallow your pride and go to work for less pay than what you used to make. When the economy improves, you'll get something better.


invites Buck to let us know how his job search pans out in the weeks and months


In the meantime, he'll have plenty of time to

Oops. Sharpe reports that Buck has already taken a job with Santa Fe Public Schools. Which still means more time

. Lucky duck.