Gov. Bill Richardson invited to the White House for Thanksgiving.
Where he will no doubt give thanks that he escaped the state’s pay-to-play scandals unscathed.

City of Santa Fe might stop paying for booze.
But is expected to continue providing reasons you’ll want to drink some.

New Mexico Environment Department fines Los Alamos National Laboratory $960,000 for not monitoring groundwater for radioactive contamination.
Cost of health to the population: priceless.

State audit of New Mexico school districts finds expenditures for SUVs, iPods and expensive meals.
And what have we all learned from this?

Rail Runner won’t run on Black Friday.
Or at any other useful time.

City offers free downtown parking for holiday shoppers.
Since apparently there will be a lot of cars here.

City, county and state offices are closed the day after Thanksgiving.
So be thankful you work for the government.