On my journey to work this morning, the dreamy, familiar voice of

was replaced by another, almost-as-familiar one: that of former New Mexico Gov Gary Johnson. He was talking to KUNM's Arcie Chapa about legalizing marijuana, among other things. A couple of pithy quotes from Johnson:

"Ninety percent of the drug problem is prohibition-related, not use-related."

"All of the thousands, if not millions of entrepreneurs, business people, doctors, lawyers and scientists who would move to New Mexico [if] marijuana was legal...maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing!"

And no, I was


reporting while driving. You can access the KUNM archive

; set your times for 8am - 9am today to hear Johnson. Oh, and...don't forget: If you're bored with Obama-ism, you could join the

who plan to elect this guy for president.

Photo courtesy Wikimedia.