Lawmakers want to tax cigarettes another $1 a pack to help with the budget.
It will certainly help tribal stores with their cigarette sales.

They also want to raise taxes on booze.
But hitting yourself on the head with a hammer is still free.

City may eliminate free pickup of discarded Christmas trees to save money.
And tax Santa Claus for chimney use.

Santa Fe gets another medical marijuana provider.
Now if they would just add existential nausea as a legitimate medical condition…

Locations for Santa Fe police mobile speed trap will be announced ahead of time.
Because apparently it’s intended to trap idiots, not speeders.

IRS says it owes more than $3 million in tax returns to New Mexicans it couldn’t find.
And yet they can always find you when you owe money.

Public Regulation Commission polls employees on ethics.
Did it also poll the commissioners?