Update 3:

SFR asked Nathaniel Owings, owner of Owings-Dewey Fine Art, by email (he could not be reached by phone):  "Is Owings-Dewey planning on moving or opening up a second location?  If so, where? Are you considering the Marcy Street location where the gallery used to have a space?" He responded: "We are currently located, and have been for over 25 years, at 76 E. San Francisco Street, where we have an existing lease. As a customer of the Video Library, I certainly wish them the best of luck in finding a new location." Thanks, Google.


published its Video Library article today; we learn that commercial brokers are aware of suitable open spaces for the business and that they're searching for more, seemingly of their own accord.

Update 2:

Owings-Dewey Fine Art Directer Laura C Widmar says the gallery has not yet decided whether it will take up a lease in the Video Library building. The gallery used to rent a space there but terminated the lease last December.

Update 1:

Following notification from the building's owner, Video Library now has through January to find a new location, according to Lisa Harris.

Downtown staple the

is hoping to remain a downtown staple, having lost its lease after 21 years on Marcy Street. The oldest video store in New Mexico and

poll favorite has been operating on a "month to month" basis for 20 of those years, according to its owner and operator Lisa Harris, who was informed two weeks ago the store had until Dec. 31 to find new digs. "You just assume after 21 years it wasn't gonna happen quite as quickly," Harris says.

Harris speculates that a gallery that used to operate in part of the building, Owings-Dewey Fine Art, will be leasing the whole building. The owner of the property, Wirt Squires, would not confirm any dealings with Owings-Dewey. "It's just a business decision and that's the only thing I want to say," Squires says. Harris is currently looking for a new spot downtown to house the Video Library and she welcomes suggestions.