Gov. Bill Richardson says raising taxes is inevitable.
Apparently so is wasting time.

New Mexico Lottery Board adds the Mega Millions to its game roster.
And people say there’s no economic development here.

Former Republican US Rep. Heather Wilson says she won’t run for New Mexico governor.
And yet we still have to have an election.

Lawmakers call New Mexico’s float in Tournament of Roses a waste of money.
Party poopers! Can’t folks use it as temporary housing after the parade?

Budget-cutting state bill would release more than 600 inmates early.
How many of them used to be elected officials?

State Republican chairman says governor and lt. gov. should use donations from indicted financiers to investigate political corruption.
There’s a fund that would be recession-proof.

Economists pessimistic about recovery in Santa Fe.
Criminal defense attorneys, however, say things are looking up.