By Amy Kuhre, SFR Internpastedgraphic

K. Suave Talk Show
7:30 pm Saturday, Nov. 7
Back Road Pizza
1807 Second St.

What do you call a lounge singing, burlesque dancing, story spinning and magic wielding clown? There is one simple syllable for all of this dizzying entertainment and her name is

. A shortcut to her given name, Sarah Leamy, Sleam is the mulit-faceted artist at work behind the otherwise unassuming persona. SFR caught up with Sleam on a snowy Thursday afternoon to unmask some of her secrets.

SFR: So I understand that you are a native Brit and you've done quite a bit of traveling. How has that influenced your work?

That's right, I spent most of my youth in England growing up in a very strict, quiet environment. However, when I decided to travel, I began to emerge from my shell. It's traveling that helped me to not care so much about other peoples' perception of me.

SFR: In your vaudeville act, you have a number of characters, have they always been there or did some of them hitch hike with you to the states?

From my childhood I developed the character of Miss Mabel who is a strict, British school teacher. She's very self-righteous, but a lot of fun to play. And then, when I moved to San Francisco, I enrolled in clown school, that's where I developed K. Suave who will be hosting the show on Saturday. I always envisioned him as a sort of 70's lounge singer with the polyester suits and lousy singing.

SFR: Since you mentioned Mr. Suave, what can we expect from him during the show?

Well, he's more the MC than the main event. K. Suave will open the show with some singing and then introduce the acts and in between there will be a bit of magic and storytelling. We've got a great line-up so it's sure to be a lot of fun!

SFR: Lastly, what is it that is so intriguing for you about clowns? I've always found them to be scary so I'm interested in what makes a person want to be one.

I think it is the American clown that people are scared of. When you consider that American clowns are usually  part of a circus in a huge, exaggerated environment with too much make-up and a big red wig, it can be overwhelming. And when you see that as a child you tend not to forget it.But when kids see me with my little red nose and just a bit of face paint in my funny suit, I'm more accessible. I'm not really part of a side-show. It's the one-on-one contact that makes it fun for me. And it's a way for me to be outgoing since I am usually very shy.

Sleam a.k.a K. Suave performs with a line-up of other  artists including belly dancer, Jasmine Quinsier, Zircus Erotique, Chicks with Chainsaws and Wenda Watch.