Here's the news from tonight's Santa Fe City Council meeting. I'll update throughout the meeting (until I split, that is. Then you can follow the webcast here).

Railyard Cinema

One of this week's more controversial items was placed, oddly enough, on the consent calendar, intended for pro forma matters set for a unanimous vote: That is, the Railyard Cinema proposal.

Granted, the resolution itself has been tamed since Councilor Matt Ortiz initially introduced it. The substitute resolution, by Councilor Rosemary Romero, does not automatically start the process to issue a $35.4 million city bond for a

to build a new theater downtown. Rather, it directs the city manager "to Initiate Discussions" with the key public and private players at the Railyard, in order to "Deveop a Variety of Ideas and Viable Financial Options" for development "in Accordance With the Railyard Master Plan."

Weird capitalization, yes. Publicly financed cinema? Not necessarily.

Romero's resolution passed without comment.

400th Funding

Also up for a vote tonight: Whether to give the

non-profit that's organizing the city's 400th anniversary celebration

. This should be interesting.

5:55 pm: Fresh off their

, KSFR's Dan Gerrity is pitching the station's latest idea to save the 400th.  The idea? A special edition Farolito to be gifted to the White House.

5:59 pm: My bad. This item got postponed. Which is to say: Punt!