A news release from the capital just came in, and it sounds like good news: Gov. Richardson's freezing capital outlay projects and canceling grant agreements for all projects that don't have third-party agreements. According to politico

, this could mean eliminating anything from the opera's plein air practice facility to water and sewer systems, rape crisis centers or affordable housing. From the release:

"I am taking this bold action since the Legislature chose not to cut even one dime of its pork projects," Governor Bill Richardson said. "These pork projects should be the first to be cut before we take any action that affects people."

Well, why didn't you say so


we spent $350,000 on a special legislative session? And whose pork is it, really? The release says the goal of the freeze is to save $150 million, though, so it could be worth it. The whole statement just seems weird.

Photo courtesy Wikimedia.