City Finance Committee agrees to give 400th anniversary nonprofit $750,000.
Forget the recession: Let’s party!

City Council approves public financing of city elections starting in 2010.
Why not? We’re paying for everything else.

Legislature shows little reaction to latest revelations of “pay to play” in New Mexico investments.
They have SFS: Scandal Fatigue Syndrome.

Youth burglars face their victims in court.
Which is good practice for a career in politics.

City and county police have impounded nearly 100 drunk drivers’ cars.
What did they do the rest of the day?

Legislature convenes to figure out how to cut more than $650 million from state budget without raising taxes, cutting salaries, eliminating jobs or hurting education.
A resolution recommending magic is on the fast track to the Senate.

Santa Fe Fiesta Council reportedly won’t change its policies despite fallout from a physical altercation between Fiesta queen and princess.
The council will, however, consider offers for a reality TV show.