Santa Fe City Councilor Matt Ortiz gave SFR a look at a binder showing the expenses and revenues of Santa Fe 400th Anniversary, Inc, the largely public-funded non-profit organization that's staging events for the celebration.

, 400th Executive Director Libby Dover

declined to share such details

. But now that the non-profit, aka "the committee," is asking the city for another $750,000—

—they didn't have much choice but to open their books.

Some highlights:

Dover makes $10,000 a month!

The other five employees average $4,000 a month. Not bad considering the local average.

Salaries aside, it's a pretty

bare-bones operation


The chair of the committee (Maurice Bonal) has his own office at $300 a month.

For what

? Meeting with all those corporate sponsors they don't have?

Whoever manages the committee's

(the registered administrative and technical contact is Bonal) is pulling

$2,100 a month

. Hmm... (Their graphic designer has a pretty good gig, too.)

The committee expects to bring in

under $200,000

in revenue from events.

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