The New Mexico Department of Public Safety has reviewed its case file on WilLee's Blues Club and determined that investigators were correct to issue citations to the liquor license holder and a bartender for over-serving attorney Carlos Fierro---despite Fierro's testimony this week that he had not had a drop to drink at WilLee's.

Previously, Journal North

that the state police planned to review the case following the testimony. Now, Department of Public Safety spokesman Peter Olson says that the citations will stand.

"We reviewed the file supporting the initial the two citations--one to the bartender, one to the liquor license holder--and determined there was sufficient information and evidence in our case in the file to proceed with the hearings on the two administrative citation," Olson says.

Fierro is accused of killing William Tenorio with his car while driving drunk. Since the state

, a bar where Fierro was at earlier that night in November, SFR asked whether DPS' position was that Fierro committed perjury in his testimony.

"All I can say is that based on our investigation at the time, we feel that there was enough evidence then to issue those citations and, after review of the file, to continue," Olson reiterated.

SFR has left a message with First Judicial District Attorney Angela "Spence" Pacheco's office to see whether, regardless of the jury's verdict (expected soon), she will file perjury charges against Fierro.

Updated, Oct 1, 10:20am: Pacheco says she can't comment on the case. She said to call back once there's a verdict.