US attorney won’t seek charges against Gov. Bill Richardson.
Good news for the guv…kind of anti-climactic for the rest of us.

Public Regulation Commission asks attorney general to investigate whether PRC Commissioner David King violated a state law.
The odds are not in his favor on that one.

Police will start impounding cars of drivers with multiple DWIs.
That should clear the roadways.

Former Santa Fe City Manager Asenath Kepler will challenge Mayor David Coss—also a former city manager—in next year’s election.
The race will come down to who handled being fired better.

Private health care and government were the only New Mexico sectors with job growth in the last year.
Hmm. Maybe those two things should be combined…just an idea.

Happy Labor Day!
Or not, as the case may be.

Santa Fe celebrates its 400th anniversary.
Happy birthday—you don’t look a day over 399.