Many of you still bemoan the departure of SFR's top-hatted and

film critic Emiliano "

" Garcia-Sarnoff, who left us many months ago to pursue untold fortune in northern California. We're serious about the "untold" thing--we can't speak about it. We can tell you, however, that he's still writing, now for the

altweekly in Chico, Calif.

the editors describe E. (and SFR):

Berkeley grad Garcia-Sarnoff comes to the Chico area after an extended and award-winning run as a film critic for the powerhouse alt-weekly the Santa Fe Reporter and has already made an impression (see Letters, p. 6) with his packed (and in this reader's view, refreshing) film and food reviews.

Oh, you want to know about this letter. Me too. Emiliano earned some doozies in his time here ("Don't send a boy to do a woman's job"), but

, in response to

is pretty damned slicing (and inaccurate). An excerpt:

It's obvious he's an old crabby guy who has never experienced truly fine dining before...Next time, please get a real person to do restaurant reviewing instead of a sesquipedalian who seems to know squat about fine dining.

FYI, Emiliano is neither old nor crabby, and not especially sesquipedalian either (which, according to

, means "given to or characterized by the use of long words"), and anyone who dwells in Santa Fe automatically learns a little squat about fine dining.

That said, considering his hair and offensive thrift-store fashion, I'm still not convinced he's a real person.