There was much more to our interview with US Rep. Ben Ray Luján than we were able to fit into this week's SFR Talk or last week's

, including:

* Why he thinks it's important for the US to

stay in Afghanistan

* Whether he thinks PNM, one of his bigger campaign contributors, is

* Why he

Listen to the full interview with the embedded player below, or download the MP3


And here are some

rough and incomplete

topical time stamps, for your inconvenience.

0-3 min

.: Life in Washington

3-21 min

.: Health care

21 min

.: Energy issues

23 min

.: Changing the national labs' mission

26 min

.: PNM and renewable energy

31 min

.: PRC and Jerome Block Jr

32 min

.: Iraq and Afghanistan

43 min

.: Commercial space travel

44 min

.: Adam Kokesh, miscellany

50 minutes

: The stimulus