Officials expect flu outbreak as kids go back to school.
So be sure to pack a biohazard suit along with your child’s lunch and school supplies.

Terminator Salvation production company files for bankruptcy.
Maybe the company should go back in time and make a better movie.

Former Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron indicted on more than 50 felony counts of fraud, money laundering and other crimes.
And takes the lead in the New Mexico political scandal competition!

Despite indictments, Vigil-Giron remains employed by the state’s Department of Workforce Solutions.
Since illegal activity seems to be a recognized workforce solution in New Mexico.

Lawyers for Vigil-Giron’s codefendants want Attorney General Gary King off the case, citing conflicts of interest.
Conflicts of interest…it sounds so innocent.

Gov. Bill Richardson asks state agencies to cut 3 percent from their budgets.
Presumably not out of their legal funds.

Convention and Visitors Bureau wants ideas on how to increase winter tourism.
Here’s one: Start advertising our warm winters and tropical beaches.