Back in March, two women got into a fight at the Santa Fe Place mall. Big whoop, right?

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According to a lawsuit filed by Jennifer M Maez yesterday in First Judicial District Court in Santa Fe, Victoria M Nevarez entered the

where Maez worked at began punching and kicking her. She also "bit [Maez] on the thumb," which caused "serious injury."

Bystanders saw the fight and went to find help. Then, according to Maez' lawsuit,

this happened


"Two individuals ran to the security office located in the middle of the mall and found a security officer eating a sandwich.

"The security officer was described as tall, chunky, and he had his security belt off...

"The security officer ignored the individual requesting help and continued eating his sandwich.

"At one point the individual requesting help asked a cleaning person who was standing near the security officer if the security officer could hear him.

"The cleaning person responded that, yes, the security officer could hear him.

"The individual once again asked the security officer if he could hear him and at this point the security officer responded with 'yeah I heard you'.

"The security officer finished his sandwich and finally stood up.

"The security officer looked obviously irritated, put his belt on then said something into his radio.

"By the time the security officer arrived the fight was already over.

"Security officer was terminated following this incident."

Told you to read on.

The lawsuit names the security officer as "John Doe." Also named as defendants are Nevarez; the mall's corporate owner,

; Matt Clawson, the mall's director of public safety; Clawson's employer,

; and 19 more John Does.

Reached just now by SFR, Clawson declined comment until he gets corporate permission. The mall's marketing manager did not immediately return a request for comment.


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