Gov. Bill Richardson wants first-time drunk drivers to receive a mandatory three days in jail.
Just enough time to sober up.

City seizure of drunk drivers’ cars could start by the end of the month.
So now would be a good time to start a tow truck company?

Public Regulation Commission Chairman Sandy Jones reinstates twice-convicted felon as his executive assistant.
It’s so hard to find good help these days.

City councilors reportedly cost city $5,300 for cell phone calls and texting in six months.
Maybe they should consider only communicating via Facebook.

Richardson announces he won’t give up on improving education.
And if that doesn’t work, dagnammit, he’ll make it worse!

County Assessor’s Office says it’s having a hard time putting a price tag on one-of-a-kind mansion.
Just pick the highest amount on record and add a zero or two.

New report recommends creating an Office of Compulsive Gambling.
It can share office space with the Department of Uncontrollable Binge Drinking and the Erratic Sexual Behavior Division.