Secretary of State Mary Herrera has been under

lately for bungling the state's campaign-finance database and other IT issues. To counter her technologically unsavvy reputation, it seems that Herrera has launched a new electronic newsletter system. We received the first one today.

The only news: Herrera's done a lot the last few months, but very little of it has anything to do with her job.

Here's how the Secretary of State's Office explains its statutory and constitutional duties:

Now, here are the points covered in her newsletter (download it as pdf


  • Herrera was elected president of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials and honored by the League of United Latin American Citizens for "Excellence in Public Service" at the New Mexico state conference.

  • Herrera celebrated Cinco de Mayo at the White House with Obama & family... though the event was actually held on May 4.

  • Herrera's office participated in some unclear way in the American Legion's "Boys and Girls State" event.

  • Herrera was in the Truth or Consequences Fiesta Parade and the Rio Rancho Memorial Day Parade.

  • Herrera's office has completed 75 presentations at various schools in 12 New Mexico counties since March of 2009. It is unclear what the presentations were about.

So, what exactly has she done to fix the

? Where are we on the

? Is her office crafting any new rules for inspecting how candidates use public campaign dollars? Are all the new laws passed by legislature online?

What of the "wide range of duties critical to the work of state government" did she actually carry out?

Also, does anyone else find it a bit questionable that her "official capacity"  parade float is indistinguishable from a campaign float?