Federal judge says attorney general and secretary of state were wrong: New Mexico nonprofits critical of lawmakers are not political action committees.
At least one elected official still understands the freedom of speech concept.

City officials aren’t sure if they can set up public financing in time for the 2010 city elections.
But they’ve just about got the phone system figured out.

Border agents seize 950 pounds of marijuana.
That might explain why everyone is so tense lately.

State Auditor Hector Balderas announces he’ll run for re-election next year.
Oh good, now we can sleep tonight.

Rail Runner will start running seven days a week.
As part of a state initiative to cut down on Sunday drivers.

Attorneys for Carlos Fierro ask for even more evidence thrown out in vehicular homicide case.
Who needs personal accountability when you’ve got lawyers?

After three years, the city is almost ready to start seizing cars from repeat drunk drivers.
And there’s probably plenty more of them by now.