is not pussyfooting around. For the festival's inaugural year, a lineup of heavy films and hard-hitting documentaries makes its Aug. 6-9 run a must-see for anyone in the Duke City (or who feels the need to take a jaunt down I-25).

The festival's awards ceremony, to be held at 6 pm Saturday, Aug. 8, will bestow its highest honor to Albuquerque resident Dennis Hopper. Hopper will also be present at a screening of

Easy Rider

at 8 pm the same night. Other classic (well, almost old enough to be classic) films will be screened at the festival, including legendary director David Lynch's early film,

Blue Velvet


Newer works notably include

Made In Pakistan

, a film made in retaliation against a 2007 Newsweek cover declaring Pakistan "The Most Dangerous Place in the World."

American Meth


), created by Farmington's American Meth Education Foundation, explores the drug that has taken over America in recent years. On a (sort of) lighter note,


takes the viewer to Afghanistan with comedian

Graham Elwood as he goes on a Middle Eastern tour to entertain US troops.

A film festival in such a burgeoning movie mecca like Albuquerque would be nothing without panels and workshops, of which there are many; a "Movies, Games, and Comics Panel" with Marvel Comics Director of Games Todd Jefferson will undoubtedly appeal to the 47 trillion graphic-novel-based movie fans that were born via this year's glut of comic-inspired films, not to mention the 60 gazillon of them that already existed. For those who want a little more of a hands-on experience, Giancarlo Esposito presents an acting workshop. Panels on the film business, locations, postproduction and more are also in great supply (and demand).

For an inaugural event, the Albuquerque Film Festival is beefy, full of substance, and not without a variety of events that will appeal to just about everyone. Seriously. Now just get in the car and go.

$99 gets you into absolutely everything. Movies are typically $5-$10; still a sweet deal. For ticket info and events details, visit the Albuquerque Film Festival's official website.