I want you to know that I do not think you are crazy (at least not most of you). I understand that you've developed a passion for a smart, complicated creature that is a keystone species of its ecosystem, and that your passion is an extension of your environmentally sensitive stance. But I don't think you're very smart.

At least, I don't think you're very smart in terms of how you go about protecting the Gunnison's Prairie Dog here in Santa Fe. I'm not talking about the fact that there's no actual intact Sagebrush ecosystem inside Santa Fe's city limits or pointing out that feeding prairie dogs fruits and vegetables (as so many of you are prone to do) is not part of maintaining the natural ecosystem that you so covet, instead I am talking about your behavior regarding the College of Santa Fe.

Turning up at meetings that are meant to hash out issues of buying and leasing the property and raising issues that are simply not relevant to the current conversation is not helpful. You're all very kind to say that you want there to be a college, but you keep amending that sentiment with a "but."

Think it through: If you love open space and you love prairie dogs you should be desperate for that land to be owned by the city and the state. The only thing you should do right now is fanatically support the purchase of the property by the city. Don't say another word about anything except for your whole-hearted support. If the deal is approved, you will be dealing with two entities that will be forced to dialogue about open space and conservation trusts. You will be dealing with two entities that are bound to master planning processes and public input. It is your best shot.

But if your hemming and hawing about prairie dogs contributes to the general uncertainty about the deal, to the point that it fails, the land will unlimately fall to private developers and then you and your prairie dogs will be screwed. See how that works? If you love prairie dogs and you want to save them, shut the hell up about them. For now.