Check out SFR's 7/29 issue for a preview of the work of Santa Fe photographer

, who is one of 45 photographers exhibiting at the

PhotoArts Market, which runs July 31-Aug. 2 at El Museo Cultural (1615 Paseo de Peralta). SFR had the unique opportunity to sit in on a photo session with Bealmear and 20-year-old model Morgan Butt as they created an image for Bealmear's

Women Wearing Ribbon


Proceeds from Bealmear's

Women Wearing Ribbon

collection will benefit the


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Before each shoot, Bealmear tweets the pre-ribbon model - see Morgan here:

Let the wrapping commence...

Bealmear has stocked up on multicolored ribbon.

Morgan, all wrapped up and nowhere to go... Not like she could move anyway

Some mid-shoot adjustments

To get it off, Bealmear runs scissors down the back of the ribbon

The great undoing

The end!

All photos by Charlotte Jusinski.