One of the prime online resources for the medical marijuana community,

(yes, that's ganja backwards) has developed an

to help patients find the nearest legal pot dispensary wherever their travels take them.

Neat, huh? And completely useless in New Mexico, where the name, location and contact details for the state's only licensed medical cannabis growhouse and dispensary have not been made public by the state Department of Health, which administrates the program. The DOH is currently reviewing 14 more applications from nonprofits that would like to distribute cannabis, and those names, too, are kept confidential. Previously, SFR was able to identify many of them (see

) due to cross-referencing company filings and because of redaction errors on the DOH's behalf.

DOH just released six more applications to us. This time DOH staff was not only more diligent in their redaction, but more aggressive as well, blanking out PRC filing dates, county emblems and other indicators. SFR has filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office as we believe this is a violation of the Inspection of Public Records Act. In the meantime, here are the latest redacted documents.


for earlier applications.