No shit.

The quote comes from First Judicial District Court Judge Michael Vigil, in a

about a man who strangled his wife getting sentenced to...probation!

That's the man, lucky duck Steve Romero, pictured at left. From the Journal story (available to subscribers only):

The woman, who was in the courtroom for Thursday's hearing, told prosecutor Cynthia Hill that she did not want her husband to go to jail. It was because of "her being on board with the plea" that Romero was able to stay out of jail, according to Hill.

Blaming the victim



: I forgot to mention that the woman was pregnant. And that the Santa Fe New Mexican

as well (no subscription required):

A highly intoxicated Romero returned home about 2:30 a.m. while the woman was asleep, turned on the lights, pulled the blankets off her and began yelling at her, police have said. Romero told his wife to get up but she refused. He then punched her several times in the face, including one blow that knocked her off the bed and left her stunned on the floor, police have said.

Romero pulled her back on to the bed by her hair, then repeatedly punched her, threw her to the floor and broke her cell phone when she threatened to call 911. Romero told her he was going to kill her. After he left the room for a moment, his wife tried to climb out the window but he came back and caught her and dragged her back into the room, police have said.