Police bust cockfighting ring.
Organizer may be charged with animal cruelty and being incredibly lame.

Prairie dogs die in holding facility, then test positive for plague.
Apparently it was not a great week for any creatures, big or small.

Former Republican congressman Steve Pearce announces he’ll run for 2nd District again.
Pfew! We were on pins and needles over here.

The city has yet to implement its seizure law, passed two years ago, for DWI drivers’ cars.
And decided to notice this week…strange.

Preliminary cleanup begins for contaminated county courthouse.
A little sweeping, a little dusting...

Consultant says city needs to raise sewer rates right away.
Paying more for shit—sounds about right.

Santa Fe has almost 72,000 residents, a 15 percent increase since the 2000 census.
Time to expand the Whole Foods parking lot.