Growing Like Weeds: Another potential medical cannabis producer announced itself on Craigslist on Sunday with an ad recruiting registered patients to sit on its board.

The new nonprofit organization is registered in Santa Fe under the name Medical Cannabis of New Mexico Inc. and lists Len Goodman, a local businessman with a history in the memorial tile business (such as a plaque to mark the passing of your dog), as the incorporator.

The nonprofit also lists Jennifer Gonzales, a landscaper and greenhouse expert, as a board member. However, Goodman tells SFR Gonzales will not be involved in the day-to-day operations.

At least 13 nonprofits have applied for permits so far, though only one has received a license [News, June 3: "Pot Plans"]. Under the law, a nonprofit applying for a medical cannabis production license must have at least three registered patients on its board. If you are one of these patients, you can contact Goodman via email.

Spaced Evenly: What a season it is for dreamers. Just as the buzz dies down over the groundbreaking at Spaceport America, sci-fi nuts and conspiracy theorists have two more reasons to break out the Spock ears and ectoplasm detectors.

First the Roswell UFO Festival runs July 2 to July 5. Eighties rockers Jefferson Starship will headline the celebration of the 62nd anniversary of the supposed UFO crash landing 30 miles outside of Roswell.

A little closer to home, the Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences will hold its first Paranormal Symposium Sept. 11 to 13 in Angel Fire. Topics of the symposium range from out-of-body experiences to poltergeists; Roswell alien investigator Dennis Balthaser is also scheduled to attend.

To register for the symposium visit:

Money Management Material: Do you have what it takes to manage an investment portfolio under the fierce scrutiny of the local and national press in an office mired in scandal?

The State Investment Council is looking for a securities, commodities and financial services sales agent to fill one of the five open jobs in state government that are exempt from the hiring freeze (the other openings are in the Child, Youth and Families Department).

The job pays between $77,688 and $114,252 annually, according to the State Personnel Office's announcement. Requirements: BA in business administration, finance or accounting and five years of experience.

It probably would help if that experience wasn't with Bernie Madoff.