On Saturday, June 27, a cheery contingent from the Santa Fe Reporter loaded into a beautiful '60s-era Mercedes convertible, tied a bunch of balloons to the car's various appendages and set forth for a gay pride adventure like no other.

The lovely ladies in the vehicle were me (Charlotte Jusinski), Classified Advertising Manager Anna Maggiore, and Account Executives Jill Carmichael and Marissa Montez-Salazar (whose aunt was kind enough to loan us the gorgeous car). As the Editorial Department's representation in the float, I knew I had to document our epic journey for posterity (and for the Reeper).

More images below the jump, and a fantastic video to boot!

Anna gives a wave and Jill stands by.

Marissa and Violet, perhaps the youngest participant in this year's parade.

Anna gives a smile. This parade was perhaps the single most exciting thing ever to happen to her.

Well hello to you too!

SUCKAZ all backed up on Cerrillos north of Paseo

Purple Hat thought I was taking a picture of her, when in fact I was trying to capture the massive hordes of people gathered at the Railyard, awaiting our triumphant arrival.

This man totally made off with our rainbow flag! He asked for it so he could show the other flag-bearers how to twirl a flag, color guard-style, but then he was like, "Gotta go!" and absconded with it. We never did find him. Anyone who knows this dude, tell him to give SFR back our flag!

SFR rolls into the railyard in a MOVING picture!: