City revealed to have no process for checking conflicts of interest when awarding contracts.
Let’s hope the state does, at least!

College of Santa Fe receives nearly $450,000 in grants.
Maybe consider putting those into a savings account...one that can’t be accessed by anyone.

Vice President Ford visits Santa Fe, says Watergate’s impact on Nixon’s power exaggerated.
After all, what’s a little espionage and wiretapping between friends?

Public Works Committee holds hearing on water.
If you miss it, there should be approximately 3,000 more opportunities to weigh in.

Santa Fe Police Chief says his resignation is unrelated to grand jury probe.
Let’s see…he actually just wants to cash out his vacation time?

Advisory committee recommends closing downtown schools and building new one on the south-side.
Or arguing about it for several decades.

Study says alcohol is the No. 1 drug abused in northern New Mexico.
Hmm. We should really get on that.