Baratunde's slide show presentation, "everything i needed to know about social media i learned from being @the_swine_flu"


I mention a comic named Baratunde Thurston, who revealed himself to be the Twitter user

. Well, that reveal occurred during New York City's version of

, a sort of poetry slam for tech nerds. At these events, participants are given five minutes to go over 20-slide presentation, usually about something tech-biz.

The first

is on July 15 at the UNM student union.

super cool vote-up-the-tops page...though I do wish they were a few that were slightly, err, less technical.

(Full disclosure: I presented at its predecessor, Ignite Santa Fe, and one of the organizers,

, recently helped SFReeper sort out its comments problem.)

(hat tip to

for tweeting me on to the vid)