Santa Fe County kicks off its DWI vehicle-seizure program.
That should cut down on traffic.

Educational Retirement Board ends contract with adviser implicated in scandals.
A+ for common sense.

State goes to court to recover millions lost in money market fund.
If that doesn’t work, it will try to get blood from local stones.

Santa Fe County will hold public hearings on tripling some fees at the transfer station.
All in favor? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Jerome Block Jr. and Sr. booked briefly into jail as part of elections case against them.
Who got the top bunk?

State wants to fine Los Alamos National Lab nearly $2 million for contaminated groundwater well.
Cost of drinking water that doesn’t cause horrible diseases? Priceless.

Santa Fe Fire Department says it will cost more than $14 million to keep pace with annexation.
Unless the city bans fire—then it will be cheaper.