Can you match the suspected Alligator to his denial?

“[A]n Alligator never admits to being an Alligator or he wouldn't be an Alligator!”

So writes blogger Joe Monahan about his "Alligators"—the collective name he uses to describe the anonymous sources who contribute to his blog. Monahan has suggested these Alligators are a trusted group of political insiders and old timers.

SFR asked a wide selection of politically savvy individuals in New Mexico who might be at the core of Monahan's circle, then asked those identified, point blank, whether it was true.

Question: Are you or have you ever been an Alligator or has anything you've ever told Joe Monahan been attributed on his blog to an Alligator?

Match the suspected alligator to his response. Post your guesses in the comments.

1. Lenton Malry, Bernalillo County Neighborhood program coordinator, former state representative and Bernalillo County Commissioner.

2. Larry Larranga, State Representative, R-Bernalillo

3. MG Bralley,

, photographer and former law enforcement officer

4. Greg Payne (pictured), ABQ RIDE director, former state representative and Albuquerque City Councilor

5. Steve Fitzer, Lt. Governor's Finance Director.

6. Ken Martinez, Majority Floor Leader, New Mexico House of Representatives

A. “A lot gets attributed to me that goes way beyond my powers and abilities...It's awfully flattering, but I'm not the main Alligator and you know, like with Deep Throat, I think people will be surprised when they find out whoever it is...I don't even own an Izod [shirt] anymore.”

B. "I have never been an alligator. And I honestly don't know who the alligators are. Sometimes the 'alligator info' is incredibly recent and insightful, and sometimes it misses the mark, but a guilty pleasure is many of us enjoy reading it either way."

C. "Oh jeez....First of all let me say this. I'm a graduate of Florida State University, and as a Seminole, we hate the University of Florida Gators. So, I would not be a gator. It's just not in my blood."

D. “I am not an Alligator. I have never been an Alligator...I just read the articles and Joe and I work on the radio during election nights, but I don't have hardly any communication whatsoever with Joe other than when we're getting ready to go on the air. We go to lunch and talk about what about we're going to talk on the air on election night. That's the only contact that I usually have with Joe...I think he called me once about an issue, and I forgot what it was now. I guess Alligators really contact him at least once a week or so and I'm not in that category.”

E. “The plain answer is no. I have never given Joe any information, except when I'm on his radio show and we bring up something, but its on broadcast, so I don't think you can call that an Alligator... He called one time for RG Berry's telephone number. He might call for things like that, but nothing concerning any of the gossip he puts on [his blog].”

F. “I have seen things that he and I have talked about in the next day's posting without attribution. So, yes, I guess that makes me an Alligator.”

(It should be noted that lobbyist Scott Scanland and Bruce Donisthorpe were mentioned by virtually all sources, but neither could be reached for comment.)