Public Service Company of New Mexico says it won’t raise rates to cover its pollution fines, it will raise them to pay for upgrading its power plant.
Greed by any other name...

Cleanup of contaminated construction site for new courthouse delayed indefinitely.
On the bright side, once the monsoons start, it will be a great place for mud wrestling.

First case of hantavirus in New Mexico announced.
They should really call it Mouse Dropping Flu if they want people to get hysterical about it.

Court of Appeals upholds ban on cockfighting.
That explains all the roosters celebrating at the bars last night.

Legislature wants independent audit of state investments.
In this case, independent means “someone who didn’t donate money to Gov. Bill Richardson’s campaign.”

Gov. Bill Richardson announces he supports the review of state investments.
And he plans to go for a new world record for handshakes!

Jerome Blocks Jr. and Sr. plead not guilty to election-related charges and are released without bail.
Guess they can cancel that bail fundraiser...wasn’t Wyld Country supposed to play at it?