The Egyptians may be

, but the fact of the matter is you can't get swine flu from eating pork (or licking Gwyneth Doland's tattoos, for that matter). I mean, just listen to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, who is very much alive:

"This morning I had pork for breakfast. Last night I had pork. I'm going to continue to eat pork and I'm going to encourage American consumers to do the same." (


And yet, as New Mexico faces its first suspected case of H1N1 (

of a six-year-old in Las Cruces), some folk are surely ignorant enough to toss out their bacon.

Over at

on Cerrillos, manager Manuel Angon tells SFR he's more worried about the recession.

"I think it's the economy is the only thing," Angon says. "No, we doing OK. We just slowed down a little bit in the business, but we are doing caterings for 125 people and 300 people this month."

But Angon is glad to hear that SFR is going to spread the news that pork won't kill you.

"We have a paper that explains what the flu comes from," he says. "We got it in the store just explain to the people it's not in the food, it's in the air. Some people, they can get it confused... But we're doing OK."