DA says moving the case of Carlos Fierro—accused of a fatal DWI hit-and-run—to Rio Arriba won’t help the defendant.
Moving it to Mars might.

In the “thorough” investigation of Fierro’s case, employees at Rio Chama, where he was drinking, weren’t questioned.
Shots of Patrón—on the house!

Santa Fe County is going to eliminate close to half the parking spots at the new courthouse.
But where will all the accused drunk drivers park?

The name of former state Sen. Manny Aragon, who was convicted of fraud, will be removed from the National Hispanic Cultural Center.
But will be forever ingrained in our minds.

State says it plans to improve the MVD experience.
With electroshock therapy.

Santa Fe Historic Design Review Board wants electrical box on Plaza removed.
And replaced with cavemen rubbing sticks together.

Scientists are working on engineering a less gaseous cow.
Can they start on men next?