My friend Jasper is sitting next to me right now asking what it is that I'm blogging about.

"This. Right Now." I tell him

He has borrowed a shirt that belongs to my little brother. My little brother is waify like fuck, and wears shirts that are super tight even for him, so I ask him how the shirt feels.

"A little tight, but I don't give a fuck." He tells me

"Yeah. Who do you have to impress?" I ask.

No one.

It's a beautiful day outside, and we are wasting it. We try to sit on the porch, but it doesn't work out for long. We're American, so we get really bored if there's not video games or tv or something. Being outside is for suckers. Unless there's a kickball game or a four square game or some other kind of fun activity.

And going out is always such a hassle. I'm covered in tattoos and I have to sunscreen up every f'ing time. Then I smell all weird and people look at me weirder than they usually do. I'm thinking a nap may be in order. I've been up since 10, 3 and a half hours is plenty of time to be up before getting back in bed. In no way is the fact that I am exhausted after 17 hours of sleep depressing. But I look like crap, believe me, so I really want some sleep. That way I can be spry tonight when I go cruising for chicks.

"Should we take naps?" I ask Jasper.

He smiles at me and says, "I could take a nap."

"You could stretch out on this futon, and I could go to the bedroom. There are televisions in both rooms, so neither of us have to miss this cool program on ghosts." I say.

He has already fallen asleep.

Wind blows in from the open door. It's warm.