Dear Descendents,

A buddy of mine left a cassette copy of

Milo Goes To College

in my car about 10 years ago. I fell in love. I was young and angsty, and much like you, Milo, my parents didn't understand that I was indeed a boy and not a toy. I had already heard bands like Green Day and Blink 182, and had long since gotten over them. But listening to this album blew me away. The debt of gratitude owed to you from pop-punkers and nerd-core wannabes alike is palpable.  Then I learned that it came out in 1982. 1982?!?!?! That's incredible! I mean, wow.

After this revelation, I began a quest to hear everything you ever put out.

I Don't Want To Grow Up

hit me at the perfect time in my life.

Everything Sucks

came to my attention at the exact time that I needed an album like that. I even liked your live album, and I HATE live albums. I couldn't help it! You're just so good live.

I worked in a record store in California for a couple years, and from time to time a teen would come in looking for one of the aforementioned pop-punk bands. I would inform them that I would only show them where to find these bands if they agreed to buy a Descendents album. I promised that if they didn't love the album after a week, they could come back in and I would personally buy it for them. It never happened once. In fact, several of the kids returned and thanked me for turning them on to something they might otherwise not have heard.

Look, I know that Milo is super busy with his biochemistry doctorate. I know that

Only Crime

is doing great. And I can't express how sorry I was to hear about Frank Navetta's passing. However, these are just parts of life, and no reason to deprive the rest of us of your killer music.

You've gone on hiatus before, and always come back. I've heard rumors lately that a reunion may be in the works. In fact, I recently heard a re-recorded version of "Myage" that I was pretty into. Does this mean a new album and possibly a tour? I hope so. I


hope so.

Your friend and fan,