There's nothing worse than a bad April Fool's Day prank. The old, "Mom, I'm pregnant" doesn't bring anyone joy. Now that we have the internet and the ante on Loki-esque antics has been upped SFR thought it would be super nice of us to collect and distribute some of our favorite pranks of the day.

Video Vixens

Click any video on You Tube's homepage for April Fools Day fun.

, called "Hiss," might be my favorite, though the "

" is pretty sweet too.

Oy Mate-y

Lawsuits are funny right? Only if you're a bit torrent tracker like


The Twitterverse

With a six hour lead England's

beat Asheville, NC's

to the joke. However, the Americans did it better!

Picture This

Everyone knows Google likes to do silly jokes with their

programs and

but it's the

that really takes the cake today. Awww. Not really a joke but still pretty awesome. Bounce around Google's many sites and such for lots of fun times hidden here and there.

Be Prepared

Slate offers a guide to

of media hoaxes. And remember, if you're gullible, might be a good day to stay off Facebook. Some of those status updates are sure to be bullshit.

Old School

If you're a fan of

and think April Fools Day if for amateurs check out

where the radio show goes inside The Onion's newsroom to make up those hilarious stories.

Find anything else fun? Send it to me! Culture [at] and I'll update this list throughout the day as fun things come my way.