At about 8am Sunday morning, I witnessed a subura-ish car clip a man in a motorized wheelchair at Cerrillos and Early. If you get the 911 tape, it'll be my voice on the line. The guy was lying in a pool of Pepsi; for some reason he was carrying a case. Blood bubbled from his nose and trickled into his beard from a large wound on his right cheek. I told the operator he was in his late 40s early 50s. Other people stopped and helped him back into his wheelchair. He insisted. He rolled around for a moment with a broken rear wheel.

My phone was bleeping it was dying, but the operator wouldn't let me off the line to switch to another bystander's phone. Two patrol cars arrived and took over the situation. They sent me on on my way. I didn't have a camera with me

On March 3, Corey Pein reported this in SFR's print edition


Crosswalkers Unite: Santa Fe dog groomer Maria Jobe was naturally upset last week when her mother, Linda, who uses a motorized wheelchair, was struck by a car on her way to the grocery store, in a crosswalk no less. Apparently the driver failed to stop. After hearing about similar incidents from her mother's neighbors, Jobe decided to organize. On March 4, several elderly and handicapped people will protest for pedestrian rights at the intersection of St. Francis Drive and Cerrillos Road. "If it's not going to be taken care of by the police, we need to come together as a community," Maria Jobe says.

In light of this experience, I think I'm justified in taking a personal editorial position on the issue: Santa Fe City Council needs to get on this. It's too bad that it's too late for the legislature to introduce new bills.