If you've ever met the guys from D Numbers you know that not only are they all pretty handsome fellas but they're also really, really quirky. It's for this very reason that their shows are so much fun. When the guys released their last album,


, they threw a killer bash down at The Pub & Grill at Santa Fe Brewing Company and spent nearly as much time taking pictures from the stage while they played as they did actually rocking the jams.

Well, the boys have been hard at work recording a new album, and when I say hard at work I'm talking 15 hour days here, but all that time recording makes it hard to, you know, make money to actually get the album out there. Since this is the very same band that you, Santa Fe, voted

in SFR's 2008 Best of Santa Fe poll it's your delightful duty to help out. Who would have thought doing a good deed would be so much fun. (

8 pm Friday, March 13. $5-however many dollars above that you have to spare! The Pub & Grill at Santa Fe Brewing Company, 35 Fire Place, 424-9637


Oh, but lets get back to the handsome thing for a moment. Like I said, these guys are damn good musicians and they're also really cute. I dare you to not have a crush on at least one, if not all three of them. Tonight, while the boys fundraise, your dreams of getting a D Numbers smooch may just come true. Their Magical Fundraiser has a kissing booth and word on the street is that Paul Feathericci, Brian Mayhall and Ben Wright will be manning the booth for a short time (sadly, a couple of these cute guys also have super cute girlfriends so this might be your only chance to lock lips with future rock stars). The great thing about hot people though is that their friends are also pretty hot, so there's a good chance that someone will be in that booth that you'll want to kiss. Bring chapstick!

If that's not your kind of sweet though, have no fear. A cake walk, Twister and games are on hand to keep you busy and local DJs Toast and Miss Ginger spin sets that will keep the floor hopping.

Brave the weather, seriously people, just drive carefully, and get down to

. Tonight is the night to support local music from one of YOUR favorite bands.

See you there!