Lawmakers raise their own pensions, while considering making public employees pay more for their own.
Which is kind of a cry for help—or at least a cry for not wanting to get re-elected.

Clergy and others ask for leniency for former state Sen. Manny Aragon, who pleaded guilty in corruption case.
After all, he did set a good example…by pleading guilty.

Wild Oats health food store is for sale.
Buy now and the sellers will throw in some extra granola bars.

PNM wants to raise its electric rates.
Like a fish wants to swim.

If Highlands ends up purchasing College of Santa Fe, its new name would probably be College of Santa Fe-Highlands.
That will be hard to remember.

New Mexico Department of Transportation creates a fraud hotline for itself.
Hello speed dial.

Daylight saving time begins.
Just when you thought Santa Fe drivers couldn’t get any worse