New Mexico's State Investment Officer Gary Bland (left) has filed a response to

. And it contains an eye-catching quote.


"This lawsuit appears to be part of a McCarthy-style political witch hunt," Bland said in his response, filed Monday in federal court.

Woah! Why don't you tell us what you really think?

But let's get this straight: How is Foy like McCarthy?

Frank Foy: A former investment officer for a state teachers' retiree fund.

Joseph McCarthy: A deceased US Senator from Wisconsin.

Foy: Claims he was "railroaded" out of his job after refusing to invest with a company that had donated large sums to the governor—investments that later cost the state $90 million.

McCarthy: Ostracized upstanding citizens as suspected Communist traitors in a paranoid purge that eventually made his name shorthand for one of the darkest periods in 20th-Century America.

Well, that pretty much settles it. What other conclusions are left to draw, by this logic? It seems that Gary Bland is a Communist, or at least a fellow-traveler.