10. You're not doing anything else with that expensive digital camera you thought you wanted so bad.

9.  If you take pictures of people you don't like, you can steal their souls.

8. A picture's worth a 1,000 words and nobody but SFR is crazy enough to keep coming with another 1,000 words about Santa Fe.

7. You're ready to quit that day job and have your big break as a famous photographer.

6. You actually got laid off from that day job and you may as well give photography a shot.

5. You're already a famous photographer, but it's not like work is beating down the door.

4. You can't figure out how to make a call on your new mobile phone, but it happens to have a 10 megapixel camera with an adjustable flash.

3. When you get caught lurking about like a peeping tom, you can claim you're taking photos for the SFR contest.

2. If we don't get enough competitive entries to fill out the Annual Manual, we'll make our art director take the rest. And he will be angry enough to curse Santa Fe with a plague of locusts which he will exhale from his mouth like a vengeful god.

....and the Number One reason to enter the photo contest?

1. You have a unique perspective on Santa Fe and we want everyone to see it.