about state-by-state online porn consumption habits has gotten a little attention lately. Rachel Maddow mentioned it on her show last night. Overall,

claims that conservative states that went for McCain are the biggest porn-hogs in the country.

And New Mexico? It's in the bottom 10 in two categories: Online porn subscriptions per thousand people—with .067 porn subscriptions per thousand people, compared to 1.69 in the porniest state, Utah—and "difference in subscribers per thousand home broadband users relative to subscription rates predicted based on demographics." Those demographic variables would be income, age—younger people buy more porn—education, and marital status—married people buy less.

The study, "Red Light States," concludes with a caution not to take its findings too seriously:

"On the whole, these adult entertainment subscription patterns show a remarkable consistency: all but eleven states have between two and three subscribers to this service per thousand broadband households, and all but four have between 1.5 and 3.5. With interest in online adult entertainment relatively constant across regions, there's little sign of a major divide."

We are not red states and blue states. We are united states...of pornography.