You may have heard that Clafoutis (402 N Guadalupe St., 988-1809) had a crappy holiday. The family owned and run restaurant closed for a few weeks in December so the family could travel back to France to enjoy the season. Well, when they came back the restaurant was flooded. Big time flooded and the break went on and on while the mess was cleaned up, the room repainted and everything put back into order.

And now that's all fixed up again breakfast is back. The place looks exactly the same, except for one funny stripe painted on a back wall.

At a recent breakfast my companions and I munched bread and jam, a side of bacon, a ham and cheese omlette and, my personal favorite, a breakfast croissant. Mmmm...Oh, and there was a bowl of coffee. Yes, a bowl. The folks at Clafoutis don't advertise it but if you're sweet and want to save them a dozen trips to the counter with your cup they'll be accommodating and bring out a cereal bowl full of java. Saves everyone time and it's super fun to slurp.

The only downside to the perfectly cooked breakfast was the jam that came with the bread. Apricot is yummy but my roommate wants his wild blueberry preserves. Clafoutis doesn't offer the wild blueberry so not only does Albertsons get a cut of our breakfast dollars Clafoutis gets to charge us the same price and save on preserve cost. As a little experiment to see just how awesome the people at Clafoutis are, and in an attempt to be somewhat lazy I suppose, we left the large jar, donned with identifying initials and a nice note asking that they be so kind as to keep the wild blueberry on hand for our next visit (probably sometime later this week).