Former Guantanamo Bay Deputy Commander Army Brig. Gen. Greg Zanetti, who appears regularly on

and who we

, has formed an exploratory committee for a 2010 run for Governor of New Mexico.

Zanetti, a Republican, has not formally announced his run, but Joe Monahan got wind of it the other day on


Does the GOP stand a chance for statewide office? New Mexico now has an all-Democrat Congressional delegation for the first time in a loooong time. And polls show Gov. Bill Richardson's popularity sinking—but is it enough to overcome the Republican Party's Bush taint?

Here's a statement we got from Zanetti, fresh off the email server:

I am in the process of forming an exploratory committee to run for governor in 2010. As word has spread, I have been both heartened and surprised by the enthusiasm and support for my candidacy.

I also know it is a long road to the primary and there is a lot of work ahead.

I strongly believe that we need to restore trust in government here in New Mexico.  The people should trust their government and the government should trust the people.

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I bring a unique set of skills to this campaign.

People have told me that they are tired of career politicians...on both sides of the aisle.

I have extensive leadership experience in both the private sector and the public sector (military).

I understand finance.  I have worked in the financial sector for 22 years and know what needs to be done to restore prosperity to our pension funds and state finances.

Next, as a small business owner I understand how to make money and not just how to spend it.  I know the burden that over-taxation and regulation places on the productive members of our society.  We need to reward and encourage hard work over entitlement.

Next, as a Brigadier General, I served at both the State level (here in NM) and the National level (at GTMO).  I understand our security issues and challenges on the border.  I understand how to work with large bureaucracies and with Washington. And I've had the privilege to serve with the fine men and women of the NM National Guard.

Finally, as a father of two sons in the public school system, I understand how important the education issue is to the long-term health and viability of the State.  I am a product of the Albuquerque public school system.  My wife has been a teacher, State School board member and State Representative.  My father was on the APS School board and my mother was the principal of Sandia HS. ... I married my HS sweetheart (Valley HS 1976) Teresa 29 years ago.

I am a West Point graduate and have two Master's from Boston University in Business and the other from the US Army War College in Strategic Studies.