Domestic partnership bill will get a vote from the full Senate.
At least the ones brave enough to stay in the room.

Legislature considers law allowing New Mexicans to avoid MVD and renew driver’s licenses online.
But then who will the MVD clerks torture?

Santa Fe County’s prescription drug program sets record for participation.
You can’t argue with cheap Prozac.

On March 10, city voters will decide whether people buying houses that cost more than $750,000 should have an extra tax.
Taxing rich people...wonder how that vote will go.

Gov. Bill Richardson calls for special session.
He’s afraid to be alone.

Carlos Fierro, lawyer accused of fatal hit-and-run while drunk, released from house arrest and back in DC for work.
His employer must be so proud.

Santa Fe New Mexican vendor arrested for selling heroin.
And they say no one reads newspapers anymore.